ARTIST STATEMENT:  Looking out, looking in

The way perception blends the objective and the subjective interests me. Sometimes our perceptions depend more fully on the outer world, and other times they move more toward an inner vision, as in dreams, imaginings, and psychosis. Photography has traditionally been focused on capturing the outer, although there is, of course, always a subjective element about how the photographer frames and focuses the outer reality. And even before the development of digital photography and the digital darkroom, artists such as Jerry Uelsmann manipulated layers of combined negatives to create a surreal world. With the development of digital tools, a new movement, sometimes called Digital Photo Manipulation Art, has developed. Although I still enjoy and create traditional photography, using digital capabilities allows me to create a more subjective, sometimes surreal experience, thus more directly reflecting my personal imaginings. By using the tools that capture an outer reality and then digitally modifying them to become something new, my work inherently blends outer and inner realities. I am especially drawn to images of mood and mystery and my images are often diffuse and textured, giving the scene a sense of impermanence.


In recent years, I have exhibited in more than 70 juried group, invitational, and solo shows and have received more than 20 awards for the work, have been an exhibiting and invitational artist member of galleries, and am included in private collections.

PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS:  All prints are archival photographic process prints created from digitized images (not inkjet prints) with an exhibition life of 100 years and an archival storage life of 200 years.  Most can be printed in varying proportional sizes.